How we screen Tenants

We guarantee all tenants place in your property for the first 90 days.

We screen all applicants before placing them in your property. We are so confident in our screening process – we guarantee all tenants placed in your property for the first 90 days. Our Applicant Screeners are highly trained and touted as some of the best in the business. We evaluate 5 key components as spelled out below:



We verify rental history with current and formal landlords to ensure applicant successfully completed lease agreement with little to no infractions.
In addition, we check eviction records statewide.



We verify employment history of all applicants. We believe employment history is a key indicator of stability.



Part B of employment history is ensuring tenants income in sufficient enough to pay rent. We check to see if applicant’s income meets our three times
the monthly rent requirement.



We will review all applicant credit history to see if they meet our minimum 580-credit score requirement. We view and challenge every line item on
applicant’s consumer credit report.



We complete a nationwide criminal background check on all applicants.
Our owners can feel safe.

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