Learn How To Invest Real Estate From Chinese

An ancient Chinese saying is "If you have a lot of land, you have a lot of $".

This saying originated from China's agricultural era because the owner of a piece of land can rent the land out to farmers and be paid back in crops. Even now, the principle applies, "If you have a lot of rental houses, you have a lot of $". Why?

Because having a place to live is the most important thing in the United States. After coming here from Asia, I have realized that Americans are very lucky because not only is the United States a beautiful country, but it is also a helping country. We are always trying to make sure that people have a roof over their heads. Renting properties to people is the same idea, we are trying to make sure that everyone had a house, even if they can't afford to buy one on their own. So, we are trying to rent to everybody, even those who need a little bit of help. For people who cannot afford to rent a home on their own, there are government assistance programs and nonprofit organizations that try support to people in need. We want to rent to these people too.

I have managed many rental houses and worked with many of these support programs such as Section 8 housing, one of the programs that help people rent a house or apartment. I know what it takes to help those that need help. Having a place to sleep and a roof over your head is one of the most basic human needs. We will provide that for people who have their own money to rent houses and even for people who need a little bit of help. No matter what, your rental house will have people living in it.

So "If you have a rental house, you have a lot of $" because you will have people renting from you in Dallas, Texas.

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