Why Listen to a Chinese About Investing In Rental Housing?

I know you might be wondering, why would you want to listen to what this Chinese guy has to say about investing in US rental housing?

Because according a Forbes March 2017 article, "Chinese [are] Now The Largest Group of Foreign Investors in US Real Estate"

This is the Real Deal: New York Real Estate News "Chinese investment in real estate reached a record high of $33 billion last year, up 53 percent from 2015"

I am not only Chinese but also American, having lived in the US for over 20 years moving from Taipei to​ LA to NY to Dallas. I have been a Realtor, investing in the Dallas real estate market, for over 16 years. I've done over $100 million in transactions, helping many normal Chinese people invest and reach financial freedom and become millionaires in less than 10 years by investing in rental homes

Therefore, I can share with you why & how Chinese investors make money from Dallas, Texas​!

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